How to Use a French Hair Pin to Style Your Hair

Ever wondered what the most popular hair accessory is? You probably had it in your beauty drawers for years but never paid attention to its power and versatility. If you guessed French hairpins, then you are absolutely right!

This tiny hair accessory is the most versatile hair styling tool to help you create as many styles as you desire. From simply helping you hold back your hair bangs to letting you style the most classy hairdo of all time, the French hairpin can do it all.

If you are someone who wants to ace their hair game with minimal effort, nothing will yield more satisfying results than a set of classic U hair pins.

At first glance, working with French hairpins may seem intimidating. However, once you get the hang of it, there is no going back. Style your hair in a voluminous pony or wispy updos; the choices are endless.

Now Let’s Look at Some of The Easiest Hairstyles You Can Create Using French Hairpins

 French hairpins are the healthier option for styling your hair, unlike a hair tie. The simplicity with which French hairpins allow you to style your hair in a million different ways says a lot about their versatility. With French hairpins, your hair will be secured properly without much effort and will stay intact for longer durations. The best part is, using French hairpins leads to no breakage and no stress on the hairline.

The following easy French pin hairstyles can be achieved in under two minutes, but the results look simply stunning.   

Classic Hair Twist

Whether you are styling damp hair or dry hair, thick hair, or fine hair, styling your hair as per your dreams is easy with French hairpins. Twisting hair with U-pins is the easiest way to achieve the perfect and effortless french twist. It adds volume and texture, looks stunning, and requires seconds worth of work.

French hairpins come in various colors and sparkles. You can go for frenchies with pearl charms if you are looking for that extra bling.

It will surely add a fantastic pop and match your outfit and mood.

Hair Bun

French hairpins and buns are a match made in heaven, particularly if you have shoulder-length hair or long hair. Start by plating your hair as far down as possible and twisting it around the base. Hold your plated bun with loose ends and slip in the French pin sideways. Roll everything up and twist it to secure the bun in place. You can use a setting spray to stick your baby hair away from your face or leave it as is for a messy bun shape. 

And just like that, your chic french pin bun is ready in seconds.

Half-Up Half-Down

Next on the list is the classic half-up and half-down hairstyle that looks stunning especially with pearl detail hair fork. The style and bling make the overall look pop and get you ready in less than five minutes. It is also versatile and comfortable and can be worn in the office or on special occasions.

Multiple Updos

This is a two-minute hairstyle but looks gorgeous on all types of hair. Start by parting your hair into two sections; begin working with the first by twisting it around and making a knot. Once the perfect knot is created, hold the hair tightly against your head and use the hair fork to secure it safely.

Repeat the same with the other section of your hair; voila, it’s done. You can create an effortless, easy updo with just some knots in your hair. This hairstyle looks so beautiful and is perfect for any special occasion.

French Roll

For a French roll, gather all the hair at the nape of your neck and twist it; bring the twist up, so it is flat against the head.

Tuck the ends neatly if you need a more formal look, and roll slightly into the hair pocket behind the twist.

Grab your French pins and push them through the top layers of the hair up till the middle of the updo. Don’t push the pins too low, as the top will become heavy and will not hold the style in place.

Finish the updo by pushing the hairpin into the twist in a way that follows your head and keeps it secure.

Curly Half Updo

If you are a person with a curly head of hair, there are many different ways in which you can style your hair using French hairpins. The curly half updo is one such style. Section your hair into two parts and start twisting right above the earlobes. Twist the hair around to create a knot and secure the style by pushing the hair fork upside. This is one of the easiest French pin hairstyles to create.

Hair Pins Galore

If you like the texture, feel, and bling of these French hairpins, why stop at one? Grab the whole pack for this hairstyle to create an extra grammable look. Twist the hair, bring it all up, hold the updo tightly, and start securing the style by pushing the style inside French pins. You can use five, six, or as many as you desire. There isn’t any rule to follow, right? 


Great hair speaks volumes. If you wish to flaunt your beautiful tresses by styling them in pretty hairstyles such as easy updos, hair buns, hair twists, and more, hairpins available at Frenchies can greatly help.

No one can stop you from being fabulous, even on your laziest days. Styling your hair to perfection has become a breeze with French hair pins. Get your Frenchies hair pins online or offline and experience the art of creating stunning hairstyles in about seconds.