U-shaped hairpins, also known as U-pins, are a type of hair styling tool every woman should have in their bathroom or vanity. If you're a hairstylist, you'll definitely want to keep some of these on hand. 

Most women don't typically have these lying around because other clips and bobby pins have been more popular, but U-shaped hairpins are gradually finding their way back into women's hair styling must-haves. 

They've been around for decades and are some of the best options for securing updos. These pins come in all shapes and sizes and can help you create the updo you want. From casual hairstyles to more elegant options, there's nothing a U-shaped hairpin can't do. 

It might seem confusing if you've never used a U-pin before. How do you use these hairpins to make your hair stay in place? We're here to help you learn about these hair tools and how to use them to create the hairstyle of your dreams. 

What Are U-Shaped Hairpins?

U-shaped hairpins are basically what they sound like! They're little hairpins in the shape of the letter "U." They're very popular among hair stylists and people who wear their hair up without a hair tie.

The most common U-shaped hairpin looks almost like a bobby pin, except it's wider and, often, more secure. Even though the most common one looks similar to a bobby pin, there are a bunch of different U-shaped hairpins that you can use!

Types of U-Shaped Hairpins

For the most part, all U-shaped hairpins are pretty similar. Where they differ is in their size, length, and appearance. No matter what type of hair you have, thin or thick, U-shaped hairpins will help you achieve whatever hairstyle you're going for and keep it secure. 

The most common U-shaped hairpin is a black piece that almost looks like a bobby pin. Since not everyone has black or dark brown hair, you can find these pins in other natural hair shades like blonde and brown that are easier to conceal in your hair when doing an updo. 

Depending on how thick your hair is, you can find U-shaped hairpins that are larger or thicker. These will be more beneficial to you if you're trying to keep your hair in place for a longer time. 

Besides natural hair colors and thickness levels, you can find U-shaped hairpins that are silver, gold, shiny stones, and more. If you're doing an updo for a more formal event, you can find stunning U-shaped hairpins that accentuate your outfit and add a statement piece to your hair.

With U-pins rising in popularity, you can search online and find hundreds of different types. There are some fun colors like neon yellow, blue, and all the colors of the rainbow. Either way, there's a U-shaped hairpin for everyone. 

Hairstyles You Can Use U-Shaped Hairpins For

The best part about using U-shaped hairpins is that the possibilities are limitless regarding the hairstyles you can pull off. In addition to hairdos, you can use U-shaped hairpins to secure the hair in place as you style specific hairstyles. 

Most people use U-shaped hairpins to create elegant updos for weddings and other formal events. Some people use them to secure low and high buns after they twist their hair and need to secure hair. 

For those who want to add elegance to your ponytail, you can wrap a section of hair around the tie and use the U-shaped pin to secure the hair. 

Another reason you should use U-pins is to secure hair as you create the classic French twist hairstyle. You can use them to secure pin curls if you're trying to create a vintage hairstyle. 

We all know claw clips are all the rage right now, but you can use a larger U-shaped hairpin to achieve a similar look. Whatever updo you're going for, a U-pin might be your new best friend. 

Why People Prefer U-Shaped Hairpins

There are so many different hair clips and pins to choose from, so why do people use U-shaped hairpins? There are a few reasons that these are some of the most popular types of pins. 

For starters, these hairpins tend to be far more robust than others. Whether it's because of how you twist the pins to secure the hair or their material, these pins will keep your hair in place for hours on end. 

Another reason is that they can easily blend into your hair unless you choose to use one with gems or as a statement piece. The ones that blend into your hair can provide a seamless look that can feel effortless and look fabulous at the same time. 

How To Use U-Shaped Hairpins

No matter what hairstyle you want to do, U-shaped hair pins can help you achieve it. The best part is that they're easy to use, especially once you get the hang of it. Remember, practice makes perfect. Whether a causal or elegant updo, here's how to use u-shaped hair pins, step by step. 

Step One: Gather Your Hair

The first thing you need to do is to gather your hair into the hairstyle you choose. Whether it's a bun, French twist, or something else, grab your hair and get it into the position you want. 

Step Two: Insert the U-Pin

Now it's time to insert the U-pin. Take your U-shaped hairpin, insert the prongs into your bun, and twist. You'll want to insert the pin into the hair in the opposite direction as your head bend. 

Step Three: Turn the U-Pin

Step three tends to be the most challenging part of the process. Once you have your U-pin in your hair, you will turn the pin. Turn the hairpin so you can insert it into the back of your bun or other hairstyles. 

When you do this correctly, your U-shaped hairpin will face the same direction as your hair bend. You'll be able to tell if you've done it correctly because you'll feel like your hair is more secure than before. 

Step Four: Repeat on the Other Side

Depending on the hairstyle you want, and how many U-pins you plan to use, you might need to repeat the above steps on the other side of your bun or hairstyle. 

Repeating the same steps on the other side can provide a more secure hairstyle. Of course, if you only use one large U-shaped hairpin, you can skip repeating the first three steps. 

How To Use U-Shaped Hairpins for Pin Curls

While the above steps should help you use U-pins for most styles that you want, if you're looking to use them for pin curls for your vintage hairdo, then using them is slightly different. For the most part, the steps are very similar, but here's how you can use U-shaped hairpins for pin curls.

Step One: Curl a Piece of Hair

Use a curling iron or another tool to curl a piece of your hair.

Step Two: Wrap Your Hair

While the piece of hair you just curled is still hot, wrap the curl up toward your scalp and place it down. 

Step Three: Insert the U-Pin and Twist

Once you have your hair on your scalp, you'll take the U-pin and insert it into your hair. Like the earlier steps, you'll twist the pin and insert it on the other side to secure your pin curl. 

Step Four: Repeat

Now you can repeat the above steps until you have all the pin curls you desire. The U-shaped hairpins should stay in place while you do the rest of your head before you take all the pins out. 

Final Thoughts

U-shaped hairpins have been around for decades. Hairstylists are used to using them for elegant and casual updos, but more and more people are seeking to use them in their everyday life. 

These hairpins are great for keeping your favorite updo as secure as possible, no matter where the day or night takes you. While they seem intimidating to use at first, they're really easy. Once you get the hang of using U-shaped hairpins for your hair, you'll likely use them more often than not.