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Our Frenchies are velvet coated which creates a better friction surface so your hair stays the same way you style it. Frenchies Hairpins are highly comfortable and won’t poke, scratch, or irritate your scalp. They come in a variety of colors to perfectly blend into vibrant hairstyles and unique designs.

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The French hairpin is the classic U-shaped hairpin that allows the flexibility of styling your hair in various styles. They have become a trendy yet affordable way of grasping your hair and ensuring they stay in place for longer durations.

I have an answerFrenchies are commonly used in a wave-like motion. Secure your hair in the style you want and slightly push the French pin inside, when the pin touches your scalp, change its direction so that it becomes parallel to the skin, and voila it’s done. However, a video tutorial will clearly explain the process to help you understand the process better.

If you are creating a French twist hairstyle, then you can safely secure it with a French hairpin. Match the color of your hairpin with your hair to create a seamless look. Add any hairstyling accessory to accentuate the hairstyle even further.

Just take a section of your hair where you will be putting the French hairpin and spray it with lots of texturizing sprays to create volume and a gritty texture. Also, tease that section of your hair to further create a surface and then twist and secure it with the pin.


Our innovative product comprises a traditionally U-shaped French hairpin flocked with a fiber coating, which creates a high-friction surface to hold the hair in place.