8 Ways to Do a Quick and Easy Hair Bun with long hair

The hair bun has made a strong comeback in the last few years. With bun trends sweeping the internet lately, the look has long since shed its reputation as being outdated. This quick and stylish look is timeless and (mostly) simple to accomplish. 

A simple hair bun is ideal for any girl on the run, whether you have long dark brown hair or mid-length blonde strands. It offers an unequaled combination of practicality and style. But how to do a bun with long hair? Let us help you out. 

Try the following eight simple buns for long hair. Each hairdo is trendy, adorable, and attractive. You can create any of these buns and achieve an instantly chic look.  

Let's start now! 

1. Messy Bun



For the red carpet, messy hair buns are undoubtedly the most popular hairdo, and for a good reason. So, you would want your messy buns to resemble Gigi Hadid, Ashley Benson, and other fashionistas. 

A regular messy bun always looks excellent, especially for a date or a girls' night out. It looks great with maxi dresses, crop tops, leather leggings, and even party gowns, especially if it's a top bun hairdo.

What's more, is that this bun is simple to make. Feather-cut hair with some short strands works particularly well for a perfect messy bun since the stray hairs give the bun an alluring yet messy look.

Sunglasses and a messy hair bun are the quintessential "I woke up like this" appearance. Add a bandana with the messy bun if you want to up the cool factor.

2. Low Bun



The low bun style is ideal when you're short on time. One of its best features is that it's one of the more uncomplicated hairstyles for lengthy hair. The low bun hairdo has a classic appearance and a sophisticated feel. But how to do a quick bun that won't crumble? Here is a helpful hack.

Make a side or center part with a comb, then gather your hair into a ponytail at the base of your neck. Wrap the pony in a hair elastic band, divide it into two pieces and twist them together (a chic alternative to a braided bun if you want your long and thick hair to stay in place). After that, secure the twisted hair with a little hair tie. Then, wrap the low ponytail around in a bun, fasten it with a few hair bun pins, and add lovely accents on the upper part for a more ornate appearance. Voila!

These buns are great for bad hair days when you don't feel like leaving your hair open or attending formal events.

3. A twisted bun

A twisted bun is the most popular bun hairstyle among hair stylists! Only some people can do this as well as Jennifer Lopez. I am sure you'd agree that she is a pro at high-twist and twirl knots. So how do we get that sleek twisted bun look? 

The complexity of the twisted and tight bun may make it look like a problematic hair bun, but with practice, you can make it in a minute!

The best thing about this bun hairstyle is that it is dynamic, and each person has their take on it. You can gently pull all your hair into a high ponytail for a high twisted bun or twist your hair to the side and wear them in a low bun. Sometimes, you can also add a tiny hair clip on the side to flaunt this distinctive bun. It could take the form of colored long hair pins, a flower, a bow, a ribbon, or even something more straightforward.

Once you've mastered the tricks, creating a twisted bun hairstyle will be as simple as eating cake for you! 

4. Rosette Buns

Rosette buns are the hairdo that makes us think of newly sprouting spring flowers. Although they might initially seem complicated, the lovely flower-inspired design is quite simple to make. 

Essentially, a rosette bun is a pancaked braid coiled to resemble a rose. Once you master the technique, you can make a rosette bun updo within a minute. This type of bun is ideal for the wedding season, so if you have a wedding to attend, it might be a good time to learn how to make this hair bun.

5. Bun and Center Braid

Our list of easy hair buns for long hair can't end without including this gorgeous sloppy bun with a mohawk braid. The intertwined hair in the middle gives your bun a chic appearance. This hairstyle is also perfect for those pesky lousy hair days.



To achieve this look, divide your hair into three equal sections and use a few bobby pins to secure the side sections. Now start making a french braid in the middle section of your hair. 

Once you have a french braid, follow the messy bun step to combine the remaining loose ends with the braid tail, then make a sloppy bun and secure it with bobby pins. You can also use hair products like hairspray to add volume to the braided buns.

6. Double-twisted Buns



A few hair styling solutions can quickly get your hair away from your face without making you appear noticeably unwashed. And a twisted double bun is one of them. It can achieve a clean and polished look flawlessly.

A wonderful thing about this bun is that it can cover up any flaws in your hair, whether you slept on damp hair and now have an odd kink to hide or didn't have time to shampoo. 

7. Tall Bun

Dancers and other artists with long hair usually favor a tall double bun as a stylish option for a dressy hairstyle. It is presumably their go-to hairstyle. All you have to do is pull your hair to the top of your head into a loose ponytail, add a little bit of texturizing spray, and then wrap the hair into a bun and secure it with bobby pins for a sleek finish.

The hair is secured more firmly and given a fascinating texture when the bun is doubled and secured with two hair ties rather than just one.

8. Barrette Bun 

A Barrette bun is another stylish hair bun for long hair. Even while the bun is casual enough to wear daily without embellishment, it is made party-ready within a second by adding a piece of embellishment. Tease the roots, twist the length of the hair, secure the bun in place, add a little styling product, and finish with a delicate hairpiece to transform your updo from ordinary to magnificent. Choose a jeweled item to add shine to your hairstyle.


If you've made an effort to grow out your long tresses, you deserve to attempt some fresh, original hairstyles. Buns don't have to be complicated. Get through the mental barrier that prevents many from doing long hair in unconventional ways, and prepare to receive plenty of praise from others when they see you in new chic hairdos.