U Shaped Hair Pins

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Styles to Create with U Hair Pins

Do you also obsess over these ever-versatile hairpins? You are not alone. From chic updos to twisted buns, U-shaped pins can do wonders. But what if we tell you there's a new hair accessory in the market with much more styling flexibility, vibrance, and versatility?

Frenchies hairpins are all you need in your vanity from today. Bid farewell to rummaging around your drawers and finding that perfect pin for your French knots.

Frenchies are a perfect addition to your ever-growing hair accessory collection, from classic buns to twists and rolls. Whether you have stubborn thick hair or long wavy gorgeous locks, there is no type of hairstyle that hairpins at Frenchies cannot handle.

Go beyond the traditional and experiment with unique styles like a classic chignon.

Classic and versatile black hairpins are the perfect accessory to keep your hair neat all day long, so you do not have to experience flyaways and messy hair strands peeping out from everywhere. 

Also, these pins are the healthier options as they don't pull your hair from the root, just like a hair tie.

So, if you are looking for security and comfortably holding your style in place for long, achieving it has now become relatively easy.

Select from our adjustable, attractive, and gorgeous collection of hairpins that don't just provide more grip but also help in dealing with frizz.

Wrap & Twist Your Hair with U Shape Hair Pin

Now styling the hair to perfection has become a breeze with versatile and gorgeous hairpins available at Frenchies. You can easily move on from your basic U-shaped hairpins. 

You can wrap, tie, or twist your hair to create a style of your choice. No event, wedding, or professional get-together will be a dull affair when you can walk in donning your gorgeous style. There are many easy ways to style your hair using Frenchies hairpins. All you need to achieve these looks is your choice of pin collection from our store and a reliable hairspray.

Visually delightful, thick, and sturdy, these pins are available in 2 sizes and varied colors. They can add a pop of vibrance on some days and a subtle elegance on others. 

Create French twists, buns, or updos of your choice to give your hair an effortless and polished look. They are effortless to work with and can give you the desired results in a few minutes. 

So, even on your laziest days, nothing can stop you from being fabulous. Once you find the perfect Frenchies hairpin, there is no going back. Get your pack to experience the art of creating unique hairstyles in about seconds.