French Barrette Hair Clip

Frenchies Grey Velvet HairpinsFrenchies Grey Velvet Hairpins
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Frenchies Propack Brown Small 2" 100pcsFrenchies Propack Brown Small 2" 100pcs
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Frenchies Propack Blonde Small 2" 100pcsFrenchies Propack Blonde Small 2" 100pcs
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Frenchies Propack Black Small 2" 100pcsFrenchies Propack Black Small 2" 100pcs
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Barrette Clips - Easy to Use, Stylish, and Timeless

Frenchies hairpins are a great way to add fun, sparkle, and excitement to your outfits. They come in 2 sizes, colors, and with different charms to transform your dull look into an attractive one.

If you wish to add a bit of pizzazz to your overall look, get your hands on hairpins from Frenchies, which are an ideal alternative to your regular Barrette clips. Whatever Barrette clips offer, our pins offer precisely that and more.

Frenchies hairpins are a must-have hair accessory for your collection. They are effortless to use, look stylish, and can perfectly match the tone of your look if you choose wisely. They come in different colors and with crystal or pearl charms, giving you choices.

You can secure a bunch of your hair at once with these timeless pieces of hair jewelry. Frenchies with charms are perfect for capturing everyone’s attention immediately.

These pins have passed all the tests of time. Their sturdiness and thickness are ideal for keeping even thick hair in place for the longest period. They are a perfect hair accessory to get your hands on.

Browse through the Frenchies website or visit our stores to purchase one today. 

Shop Barrette Clips for Thick Hair Online

If you love hair accessories that are unconventional and bold, you will surely love Frenchies hairpins. They stay secure and are perfect for people with thick hair. 

They are incredibly versatile and easy to wear in many different ways. So, hairpins from Frenchies always come in handy when you have under five minutes to do your hair. Just twist, updo, or create your desired style and clip it with your favorite hairpins to secure it for a long time.

Our hairpins’ coating is so unique and beautifully made that you will not be able to stop yourself from falling in love! Also, if you are a person who likes to add a bit of glamor to your hair, then our hairpins with charms will be a beautiful addition to your hair accessory collection.

No matter the volume, texture, or length of your hair, our hairpins will fit and lock it in place, resulting in a beautiful and long-lasting hairstyle.